Welcome to the " FAUSONE 1948 " website.

The "Fausone 1948 Selection" has been on the market for many decades, first arising in 1948 with specials truffles products and excellents extra virgin olive oils (also organic). Today it is owned and represented by Stefania Fausone ,daughter of business founder, Giovanni Fausone.

The sales office is situated in Canelli (AT), a town in the Province of Asti in the Italian region of Piedmont, whilst the plant, where the oil is packaged and dispatched from, is situated in Imperia Oneglia; truffle products are producted in the city Alba area, famous for its high quality black and white Truffles. To ensure the highest quality, the Truffle jars and the bottles olive oil are sent directly from the plant to the consumer's home, thus avoiding stops in warehouses and / or depots.

All our Olio Fausone products (oil and Truffle white d'Alba too) are available for immediate delivery. Bottles can be purchased in sizes of your choice, in either 50cl, 75cl or 1 litre. The Truffle Oil bottle is 200 ml with spray. Some oils are also available in 3 and 5 litre cans. Some grated and slices real truffles in olive oil, are available also in big jar of 250 g. and 500 g.

The bottles of " Organic Olive Oil" , " Oro Taggiasco " and " Mosto Stellato " are wrapped in attractive foil which protects the oil from light thus preserving the natural qualities over time.

When you completed your order, we sent you in special protective packaging to prevent breakage.

For further information or any queries, please feel free to write to:

di Stefania Fausone
Viale Italia,73 - 14053 - Canelli (AT) Italy
Phone IT (+39) 333.87.37.263
The Truffle products are from:  Alba area (CN), Piedmont region, north-west of Italy.
Oil selected and packaged in the establishment of Imperia Oneglia (IM) Italy