Conditions of sale

These terms and conditions (hereinafter the "General Terms") govern contracts to be entered into from time to time relating to the on-line sale of products offered on the website (hereinafter the "Site") between the company Fausone Food di Fausone Stefania situated at Viale Italia, 73, Canelli (AT) Partita IVA: 01554140051 (hereinafter the "Olio Fausone ") and the consumer (hereinafter " customer").
The General Terms will remain valid and effective until they are modified and / or supplemented by Olio Fausone. Any changes and / or additions to the General Termas will be effective from the date they are published on the Site, and will apply to orders submitted after that date . The latest updated version of the General Terms is to be found in the specific section of the Site

the Site provides a sales service via internet of the following products :

- Extra virgin olive oil;
- Olive oil composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oils ;
- Food products packed in jars.

INFORMATION : You can ask for information regarding the products and services offered by writing to .

the purchase of products available on-line on the Site is done through online payment in the following ways :

- Load the basket;
- Enter all the required information regarding billing, delivery, payment;
- Enter the data required for paying by paypal, credit card , debit card, poste pay or making a bank transfer.
- Confirm the purchase.

To buy on you do not need to be registered with the Site .
Customers already registered can purchase by accessing the Site using their log-in details.
Customers not registered may register by filling in the required fields in the form provided on the Site.

Oil Fausone does not recognize any binding offers to purchase submitted in a manner other than those mentioned above.
By submitting the order the Customer implies full and unreserved acceptance of the General Terms in force at the time of the order.
The order is deemed accepted by Olio Fausone once the message that the purchase has been carried successfully has been displayed on the Site.
Olio Fausone can accept Customer orders only for quantities of products within the available limits. Therefore, the acceptance by Olio Fausone of the Customer’s ordre is subject to the of products.
Olio Fausone agrees to promptly notify the Customer of any unforeseen depletion of stocks due to excess demand or other causes.
Any clause entered into by the Customer in addition to and / or differing from that indicated in the order and / or in the General Terms shall be deemed invalid.

The prices shown for each product on the Site are quoted in euro, including IVA, and are referred to as those in effect at the time of order.

The method of payment for online purchase of products include:
- The use of PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, and Mastercard credit cards, PostePay ;
- Bank transfer.
Payment by credit card is carried out using the secure PayPal service with the guarantee of maximum safety.

the products ordered, will be delivered to the address specified by the Customer, provided that the information has been entered accurately and is accompanied by all the data necessary to carry out the delivery correctly.
Delivery costs are shown in the basket at the time of purchase.
The following times and costs of delivery for products are indicative and are in no way binding:


Flat rate for Italy: € 11,90.
(our all inclusive " single tariff Italy " includes the processing of your order, professional packaging and delivery to your home address ) .
- ORDERS OVER € 99 : transport, packaging and delivery FREE .
- ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR SMALL ISLANDS : € 21 (orders over €99 will be charged the additional fee of € 21 and not the standard shipping fee ) .
Delivery in Italy takes place within 5/7 working days from the time we receive the payment. Dispatch of products is immediate when paying by Credit Card or Pay Pal .

DELIVERY IN EUROPE ZONE 1 and 2 ( Austria, France, Germany , Monaco ) :
Flat rate " Europe Zone 1 and 2" : €22,90.
Delivery in " Europe Zone 1 and 2" occurs within 12/15 working days from the time we receive the payment. Dispatch of products is immediate when paying by Credit Card or Pay Pal .

DELIVERY IN EUROPE ZONE 3 and 4 ( Andorra , Belgium , United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia , Spain, Switzerland ) :
Flat rate " Europe Zone 3 and 4" €24,90.
Delivery in " Europe Zone 3 and 4 " occurs within 12/15 working days from the time we receive the payment. Dispatch of products is immediate when paying by Credit Card or Pay Pal .

DELIVERY IN EUROPE ZONE 5 and 6 (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Liechtenstein , Lithuania, Norway , Poland, Portugal , Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary) :
Flat rate " Europe Zone 5 and 6" : €32,90.
Delivery in " Europe Zone 5 and 6 " occurs within 15/18 working days from the time we receive the payment. Dispatch of products is immediate when paying by Credit Card or Pay Pal .

shipments to the Countries listed below require " Export Customs Clearance " which incur an extra charge of € 65,00. This cost is added to the above fares.
The Countries subject to this supplement are : Norway, Switzerland, Andorra, Ceuta and Melilla , Gibraltar, Liechtenstein , Turkey, Canary Islands , Aland Islands, Channel Islands.

Olio Fausone assumes no responsibility for failure and / or delay in delivery of products caused by the malfunction of the postal service / courier and / or in cases of force majeure such as acts of God, strikes, traffic congestion and in particular, peak periods .
If the delivered products do not comply with the order, the customer has the option to report the defect, under penalty of forfeiture, no later than ten (10) days from receipt.

photographs and text displayed on the Site and / or on the packaging of the product and packaging are by way of example and can differ from the product itself . Olio Fausone, therefore, cannot be held responsible for any eventual errors resulting from these images or texts.

Oil Fausone also cannot be held also liable for breach of contract of sale of products offered on-line on the Site in the event of the absence or unavailability of the product, force majeure, failure, interruption, or total or partial strike of postal services / couriers and transport and / or telecommunications.

all the information contained on the Site, all trademarks reproduced on this Site, all of the programs and / or technologies provided in connection with the Site and, more generally, all or part of the Site itself , are confidential and protected. It is also prohibited to reproduce marks and logos used in the Site in any way: the Customer also agrees not to copy, modify, translate, reproduce, divulge, sell , publish, promote and divulge it another way, in a different format, in electronic form or other type, in whole or in part, the information present on the Site

the Customer, aware of the responsibilities and also penalties for false statements, declares and warrants: ( i) to be a consumer in accordance with article 3 of the Consumer Code, (ii) to be of legal age, and (iii ) that the data supplied by the same for the execution of the Contract are true and correct.

the possible invalidity of one or more individual clauses of the General Terms shall not involve the nullity of the same General Terms and / or the contract of sale .

subject to the mandatory provisions of law, the order, the contract of sale and all rights and obligations resulting is governed by Italian law and any dispute shall be referred on to the exclusive competence of the Court of Asti (AT) Italy.